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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gold-n-Soft Margarine as Low as $.13 Per Tub!

SWEET deal this week on margarine!  (And FYI, this stuff freezes GREAT!)  Harmon's has the Gold-n-Soft 15 oz. tubs on sale for $.88 each.  Pair that up with the coupons currently available from a late-June insert, and you've got an awesome deal of between $.13-.38 each!  Just use these coupons:
Gold n Soft tub, any size .50/1 (8-31-10) SS-6/27
Gold n Soft tubs, any size $1.50/2 (8-31-10) SS-6/27
Remember that you can get this deal at Harmon's or price match at Walmart or Target!

Cute (and CHEAP) Shoes at JCPenney.com!

The picture I want to add is not loading, and I want to get this deal up for you ASAP, so no pic this time!  Hurry over to Ebates.com and choose JCPenney as the store you want to shop.  You'll get a $5 bonus from Ebates if you haven't signed up previously, making this deal SUPER!  Then go to the clearance section of the JCPenney website and check out all the clearance shoe deals.  I just bought sandals for my 5-year old for $1.09!  Yep, you read that right!  This works for two reasons:  1) all shoes include free shipping right now and 2) there's a great promo code that takes $10 off your purchase over $10!  So enter TEN2YOU in the promo code box, and you'll get the discount too!  I already had an Ebates account, so I don't get paid almost $4 for buying the shoes, but you will!  Hurry while there are still lots to choose from!

Thanks MOJO Savings and Tight Wad in Utah

Eye of Round Steak for $.89/lb. at Macey's! Go Snag a GREAT Deal on Meat!

There's a new coupon booklet available at Macey's!  It's called "Singing the Song of Savings" and has coupons that are valid for the month of August.  If you didn't receive one in the mail, be sure to ask at the customer service desk at the store.  I went today and was able to score BIG TIME on a meat purchase.  When you use the $3 off one super saver package of meat, you'll score too!  Just pick any super saver package of meat in the store (I chose Eye of Round Steaks), and apply the coupon at checkout.  It's best to choose as inexpensive of a package as you can find--that increases your savings.  I ended up paying only $1.58 for the package above with FIVE steaks in it!  I also saw boneless, skinless chicken breasts, pork loin chops and other steaks available in the super saver packages.  The coupon is only good for one per customer on one package of meat, but that still makes for a VERY CHEAP (and delicious) dinner!  Plus, if you have more than one "customer" in your house, well, you know what to do!
Happy saving!

Newspaper Deal is Back! 50% Less than I Pay!

I thought I got a great deal on my four newspaper subscriptions, but seeing this deal makes me want to change my name, move to a new house, heck--I might even ask a neighbor if I can sent the paper to their house!!!   Right now, you can get the Salt Lake Tribune and/or the Deseret News (up to two copies each) for only $19.99 per paper for the whole year! I pay $39 per paper for the same deal, so this is really amazing!  If you don't already get the paper, this is a great way to get many coupons for very cheap! Order two copies for two sets of coupon inserts, three for three and four for four (I get four).

A few details for you:
1. This offer is only available to new subscribers or those who haven't had a subscription within the past six months. Hint here: ask a neighbor if you can get the paper at their house if you want this deal but don't qualify. I'm seriously considering that option myself!
2. This is a pre-pay only offer. So you have to pay the full $19.99 per paper when you sign up.
3. This is for Friday-Sunday papers delivered to your home and Sunday-Saturday e-edition access online. An email must be provided for the e-edition access.
4. This promotion code must be given to secure the discounted price "52/202".
5. To order, just go to www.mediaoneutah.com or call 801-204-6100

**Thanks to Utah Deal Diva for the picture!

Best Grocery Deals This Week

Here are some of the best grocery deals this week on many items that coupons may not be available for. Remember, you can shop each store individually or price match at Walmart or Target.  I recommend taking your ads along just in case. 

Top Sirloin Steak $2.78/lb. (Associated Foods)
Rump Roast $1.99/lb. (Associated Foods)
Petite Sirloin Steak $1.99/lb. (Ream's)
Chicken Leg Quarters $.49/lb. (Ream's)
Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast $1.99/lb. (Fresh Market)
Pork Sirloin Tip Roast $1.99/lb. (Fresh Market)
Eye of Round Roast $1.99/lb. (Fresh Market)
Honeysuckle White Ground Turkey $1.99/lb. (Fresh Market)

Zucchini & Yellow Squash $.97/lb. (Walmart)
Roma Tomato $.79/lb. (Associated Foods)
Cucumber $.44 each (Walmart)
Mango $.50 each (Walmart)
Haas Avacado 2/$1 (Smith's)
Nectarines & Peaches $.88/lb. (Walmart)
Green and Red Seedless Grapes $.88/lb. (Associated Foods)
Leaf Lettuce $.89 each (Associated Foods)
Green Bell Pepper 2/$1 (Ream's)
Red Bell Pepper $.59 (Fresh Market)
Broccoli/Cauliflower $.79/lb. (Ream's)

Store Brand Sour Cream, 16 oz. $.88 (Harmon's, Smith's)
Gold-n-Soft Margarine, 15 oz. tub $.88 (Harmon's)
Store Brand Cottage Cheese, 16 oz. $.88 (Smith's)
Mountain Dairy Milk, all varieties $1.79 Gallon (Smith's)
Store Brand Orange Juice Gallon $1.99 (Smith's)
18-Count Large Eggs $1.79 (Fresh Market)

Wonder 20 oz. Bread (White/Wheat) 2/$3 (Associated Foods)
Sara Lee Classic Bread 20 oz. (White/Wheat) 2/$3 (Harmon's)
Grandma Sycamores (White/Wheat) 2/$3 (Fresh Market)

Ice Pix Popscicles Twin/Swirl 9-12 Count $.78 (Smith's)
8 Pack Bounty Basics Paper Towels $4.99 (Fresh Market)
Shasta 2-liter $.59 (Fresh Market)

Free Markers and Crayons at Walgreens!

Get on over to Walgreens today for free Crayola markers and crayons.  The 24-pack of crayons is on sale for $1, but  you get a $1 register reward (coupon good on your next purchase) at the checkout.  The markers are $3, but they have a $3 rebate that you mail in to get your money back.  (Limit one rebate per household)
**If you need more crayons, they are also an awesome deal at $.25 at Walmart!

Lots of Deals Today!

It's going to be a busy deal day, so I hope you have a chance to check in often!  I'll be adding many deals from my long list including the "Best Deals This Week", free stuff at Target, awesome newspaper deal to get those insert coupons, and more!  Plus it's the last day for our "Utah Savings Card" giveaway too.  Check back in a bit, and I'll have some more specifics posted!