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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Bed at Home is FAAAAAR Superior to the Chair at Primary Childrens' Medical Center!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts today.  I'm sure there have been plenty of deals to be had, but Briah and I were too busy dealing with two hospitals, one ambulance, four needle pokes and one big headache to get online to post.  It's finally calming down now (just kidding, now the oxygen saturation monitor is alarming), so I thought I'd try to catch up for a minute.  Briah was admitted to the hospital today with pneumonia--yep--just four days before her scheduled hip surgery that we had to wait four months to be "fit" into the schedule for.  Now it looks like the surgery is off, and we get to deal with pneumonia instead...  I try to keep my personal life off the blog, but today is just one example of how real life has to take priority over blog life.  Deals come and go, but our families are what really matter.
So I'll see what I can drum up during the quiet moments tonight (and tomorrow too, since I'm pretty sure we'll still be here), and if you have any great deals to share, make sure and add a comment or email me at sosimpletosave@hotmail.com so I can share them with everyone.  Maybe it will be a good night for online shopping to cure the stress!!!  :)  Then maybe I won't miss my bed so much...