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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Movie Tickets Sold Out (Bummer!) but Here's Another Great Groupon!

How would you like to get toilet paper, deodorant, laundry soap, cleaning supplies and more for 50% off?  Run over here right now to get another great deal from Groupon!  You can order a $20 certificate to Soap.com for only $10!  Soap.com sells just about every product you use in your home for cleaning, toiletries, cosmetics and more!  Plus 1-2 day shipping is included!  I also understand that they have online coupons you can apply to your order too!  Huge discounts!  Grab yours before they are gone!  (Like the movie ticket deal that I missed!!!)

Free Witch Scavenger Hunt at Gardner Village!

Thanks to Coupons 4 Utah for the great info on the Gardner Village Witch Scavenger Hunt!  We went last year for the elf hunt at Christmas, and my kids and I had a blast!  I can't wait to take them to check out the witches!  The way it works is you download the scavenger hunt form here and take it with you.  Then you walk around all the fun shops to check out all the witch displays.  Find the ones listed on the scavenger hunt list, and when it's complete, each kid under 12 can get a chocolate chip cookie at Afton's (oh my!!!) for only $.25!  We're going to go this week, but the event lasts through October 30th.  Have fun!

A Few Suggestions for Stock Shopping This Week

Some of you are familiar with what I call "Stock Shopping", and some of you are not.  Just as a brief review, stock shopping involves buying specific items in larger quantities when they are at their lowest price.  Using this method, you can save a lot more money over a period of time because you don't ever have to buy the item right when you need it (probably at a higher price), because you already have a stock.  Over the past 18 months, I've really focused on this type of purchasing power, and our family has literally saved thousands of dollars because of it.  So I've decided that each week I'm going to try and add a brief post with some suggestions for items you might want to consider stocking up on for the week.  Hopefully it will help you and your family save lots of money too!

So the suggestions for this week:

1.  Eggs!!!  Yep, I said eggs!  Both large and medium dozens are priced at $.59 this week.  We haven't seen that price in quite some time, and it might be a long time before we see it again.  So now's the time to stock up.  Until recently, I had no idea that you could stock up on eggs.  I'm looking forward to taking my own advice on this one this week.  There are a few things you need to know about stocking up on eggs.  First, eggs can be frozen.  Did you know that?  I had no idea!  Now they don't freeze well in the shells, so the only way to really stock up on eggs is to take them out of the shells and beat them like you're making scrambled eggs.  Then you can store them in an air-tight container.  Save up your margarine or sour cream containers for this!  After you've transferred them into a container, just freeze them!  When you're ready to use them, just let them thaw completely in the fridge first, then whip them up as usual!  I understand these eggs work great for breakfast casseroles, quiches, french toast, etc.  So stock up this week and save big later!

2.  Meat!!!  There are two types in particular that are at stock-up prices this week.  First, whole chicken fryers.  If you can make it to the store today to purchase at Sunflower Market or price match at Walmart, $.67 per pound is an unbelievable steal.  Imagine those rotisserie chickens we buy at $6-7 each.  They'll only be about $2 each with this deal!  You can freeze them for later or bake one up tonight!  You can also throw them in the crock pot and pull the cooked meat off the bone for other dishes!
The second meat that we should stock up on this week is the rump roast for $1.79 per pound during the Saturday sale at Fresh Market.  This isn't the best price I've ever seen on rump roast, but it is a pretty great price for the last few months.  Grab them in package sizes that your family will use and throw them in the freezer.  I love to drop one or two in the crock pot, shred the cooked meat and freeze it in baggies.  Then I can easily add it to whatever is on the menu without the hours of cooking.

So those are my suggestions for this week.  Have some suggestions from what you've seen on sale?  Share with us in the comments!

Best Grocery Deals of the Week

This list contains pricing for some of the best grocery deals this week in the Salt Lake Valley. Many of these items are things you may purchase each week. Often, items like produce, meat and dairy goods do not have coupons, so I've listed some of the best deals to help cut your grocery bill even without coupons. You can use this list in one of two ways--either go to each store individually for the discounts or print the list to use for price-matching at Walmart or Target (Super Target has a larger selection of grocery items).

Keep in mind that it is always smart to bring your ads with you, just in case. Also, I try to keep my price-matching purchases together either at the front or back of my order. That makes it easier to go over pricing with the cashier and also speeds up the process to not hold up other customers waiting to be served.

Also, don't forget that stores have different ad dates. Though I try to get this list posted each Tuesday evening, not all of the ads start on Wednesday. Here is a list of ad dates for major grocery retailers in the area:
Harmon's Monday-Sunday
Ream's Tuesday-Monday
Smith's Wednesday-Tuesday
Fresh Market Wednesday-Tuesday
Associated Foods Tuesday-Monday

**If you have any additions for the list, please email me, and I'll add them!

Rump Roast $2.29 lb. (Smith's)
Extra Lean Ground Beef $2.29 lb. (Associated Foods)
Petite Sirloin Steak $2.79 (Associated Foods)
Whole Chicken Fryer $.67 lb. (Sunflower Market)
Mahi Mahi Fish Fillet $3.97 lb. (Sunflower Market)
Beef Cross Rib Roast $1.99 (Ream's)
Birchberry Honey Ham (In the Fresh Deli) $3.98 lb. (Associated Foods)

Russet Potato 10 lb. $1.98 (Harmon's)
Green Bell Pepper 2/$.98 (Harmon's)
Roma Tomato $.79 lb. (Ream's)
White Onion $.68 lb. (Harmon's)
25 lb. Box Local Canning Peaches $12.99 (Associated Foods)
Seedless Grapes (Red, Green) $.67 lb. (Sunflower Market)
Bartlett Pears $.57 lb. (Sunflower Market)
Asparagus $1.77 lb. (Sunflower Market)
Radish & Green Onion Bunches $.39 each (Ream's)
Dole 12 oz. Greener Selection Salad $.99 (Fresh Market)
Medium Yellow Onion $.49 lb. (Fresh Market)

Dozen Medium Eggs $.59 (Harmon's)
Dozen Large Eggs $.59 (Ream's)
Store-Brand 16 oz. Cottage Cheese $.88 (Smith's)
Store-Brand 16 oz. Sour Cream $.88 (Smith's)
Gallon Milk (Mountain Dairy Brand, all varities) $1.79 (Smith's)
Store-Brand Orange Juice Gallon $2.99 (Smith's)

20 oz. White/Wheat Sara Lee Bread 3/$5 (Associated Foods)

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 10/$10 (Harmon's)
Select Glade Products $1 (Harmon's)
Assorted Childrens' Books $1 (Harmon's)
Don Julio Tortilla Chips $1 (Harmon's)
Ragu Pasta Sauce(16 or 26 oz. assorted, excludes Organics) $.99 (Fresh Market)

Saturday-Only Meat Sale at Fresh Market
Lean Ground Beef $1.79 lb. (sold in 2 lb. Chub)
Rump Roast $1.79 lb.
Pork Loin Chops (center cut) $2.49 lb.
Sanderson Whole Chicken Fryers $.89 lb.

WOW! Discount Movie Tickets from Groupon!

Today's Groupon deal is awesome!!!  You can buy four movie tickets redeemable in most theaters nationwide for only $20!  The voucher is purchased through Weekly Cinema, a company that partners with Fandango and MovieTickets.com!  You simply redeem the voucher on one of those two sites within 90 days, then you'll have another 90 days to use your tickets!  I'm not seeing a purchase limit on these, so I would stock up!  Just go here right away to get this deal!  Remember that Groupon deals usually only last one day (or until they sell out).  You can send the tickets to someone as a gift too with their email feature!  Tell your friends and get a $10 credit for each person who buys from your referral!  Check it out now!