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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Toy Deals on Amazon!

 Toy Story Buzz Light Year Mission Set, Reg. $21.99, now $8.99
 FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies, reg. $11.99, now $4.60
 Iron Man 2 Repulsor Set, reg. $14.99, now $8.99  NOW $6.99!
Mega Bloks iCoaster with 4 Bonus Stunts, reg. $89.99, now $35.99

Go to this link to check out these and other deals!

More Amazon Toy Deals Today!

Looks like it's finally here--the annual Amazon toy sale.  Many of you have heard me talk about this sale, and I wanted to share a few of the ways I use this big one to save a ton of money for the rest of the year:
1.  I use SwagBucks during the year to do my internet searches.  Throughout the day, I'm awarded SwagBucks just for using the internet as I normally do.  Then I take those virtual dollars and exchange them for Amazon.com gift cards.  I earned a big chunk this year that will cover most of my shopping!  Check it out for yourself!  It's easy to use, I've had no spamming at all, and I've earned lots of points!

2.   I frequently check the best toy deal list on Amazon right here.  Amazon is a huge site, and it can be tough to find the great deals.  Don't miss out (some sell out within minutes) by spending all your time searching.  Just bookmark the link above, and you can refresh the page throughout the day to see anything new.  

3.  Prices go up and down almost constantly during this sale.  If you see what you think is a super deal, grab it!  It will likely be gone or priced higher very shortly!  (Sometimes it might even be priced lower later!!!)  There's really no rhyme or reason, so if it fits your budget, I say don't wait.  (You can always do a quick price comparison on Walmart.com or Toys R Us to see if it's a really great deal.)

4.  Think ahead!  This is the biggest way I save money with this sale.  We all have many occassions throughout the year when we give presents.  Think of all the birthday parties your children attend!  Think about their own birthdays.  I like to give my kids a gift on Easter, so I plan for that.  You get the idea!  When you can buy a $20 Pixos set for $4 (I did last year on the Amazon sale!!!), it just makes sense to grab a couple for birthday gifts.  Then you won't be heading to the store to drop $20 or more on a last-minute gift for a classmate's birthday.  Seriously, spending $100 on the Amazon sale can equate to $500 or more in regularly-priced toys.  Take a minute to make a list of what you'll need in the upcoming year, and you'll be glad you stocked up!  Think about gender-neutral items too like Crayola, art and craft kits, games--all of these make awesome gifts, and Amazon usually has them on great deals during this sale.

5.  Think about starting a donation tradition!  I love being able to teach my kids the value of giving and helping others with Christmastime!  We pick a family or two who needs a little extra help and are able to load them up with great gifts for their children because of the Amazon sale.  Maybe you know someone who could use some help.  At $3-5 per toy (and very expensive toys usually!!!), you might be able to work it into your budget too!
So those are a few suggestions to get you going!  Think about how you can maximize this sale, and check the list frequently.  The next few days are sure to be crazy, but it can be a lot of fun and save you a ton of cash!