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Friday, December 17, 2010

Daily Deal

If you're in the market for HCG, Screamin Coupons has a deal today!  For the next almost three days you can purchase a 23-day supply of drops with menu, etc. for only $39!  That's a $99 value.  Click here for details!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Few More Good Deals!

I grabbed this one on Tuesday for my little girl from grandma--the Little Mommy Caucasian doll is only $5 right now!  You can get it shipped to the store for free (though you'd be cutting it close for Christmas), or ship it to your home for $.97 at www.walmart.com

The "Pass of All Passes" is back!  You can get it here through Screamin Coupons!  Remember, this pass is good for one person for an entire year of unlimited visits to Trafalga (both locations in Orem and Lehi), Seven Peaks and tickets to Owlz and Utah Flash games!  All for only $39.95 per person ($299.95 value)!  Grab it while it's still available--what a great holiday gift!   The kids will love this one, and you'll get a break too!

Thanks so much to Coupons 4 Utah for letting me know about a $2 discount coupon to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point!  Just go here  and scroll down to print yours!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Value of Shopping (Surfing) Around!

Since I started couponing, I've become more and more amazed at the variations in prices on the same products at different retailers.  The last few days have really made me reflect even more on the importance of taking the time to shop (or surf) around for the best deal.  I was at a major retailer yesterday and was looking in the toys section.  I noticed so many items that I have gotten for at least 50% less than the prices there!  This morning, I've been doing some shopping on Kohls.com to finish up our Sub for Santa family, and I'm blown away at price differences!  Here are a few examples:
 This Crayola Glow Explosion retails for $29.99.  (Yikes!!!)  Right now you can buy it at Kohls.com for $26.99 (plus any codes or discounts you have), or you can get it on Amazon for $7.99!  HUGE difference!
This Glow Station is regularly $34.99, and you can get it on Kohl's site for $31.99 or grab it on Amazon for $12.99!
**There are tons of other examples.  Now don't get me wrong!  I'm not trying to pick on Kohl's!  I love Kohl's and am about to place an online order right now (just not for toys)!  I'm just pointing out that at any given time, you can probably find a better deal on the item you want to buy if you just do a quick online search!
Several of my favorite places to check prices for toys:
So take an extra minute to price check before you pay way too much!

Monday, December 13, 2010

See TONS of Newly-Lowered Amazon Toys!

Check out the deals right here!

More Amazon Deals!

Get the Barbie Fashion Fairytale Palace for only $34.99, down from $119.99!  This would make for one happy princess!

Prices Keep Falling on Amazon Toys!!!

Grab the Crayola Presto Dots to the Max, then get the $2 rebate from Crayola here!

Still Available!!! Redbox Groupon--Three Rentals for $1!!!

Just through tomorrow, you can still get this deal!   
Purchase here!

Hurry to grab three Redbox rentals for $1!  This will be gone quick, I'm sure!

A Few Great Christmas Bargains

If a Wii is on your list, grab the red with Super Mario Bros for $169.99 right now on eBay!  Get it here !  It will be sold out shortly!

If a Nintendo DSi is on your list, you can choose from black, blue, pink or white this week at Target for only $127.99!  I haven't seen many deals on these, so this might be it.  Grab it at Target, on Target.com or price-match at Walmart.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sub for Santa Families Still Needed!

During the hustle and bustle of this busy season, I'm encouraging you to remember those less fortunate.  Sure, we could all use more money, but for the most part we all have sufficient for the very necessary and a whole lot of unnecessary too.  There are so many people around us with less!  And it is so easy for us to help out.
I just talked with the United Way Utah County chapter, and they still have many, many families on the Sub for Santa list waiting for sponsors.  And it's so easy to sponsor!  You just provide some basic info, then you pick the number of kids you want to sponsor.  You connect directly with the family and set up a time to deliver the gifts.  This is the type of service that your family will learn from and remember.
We sponsored a family two years ago, and I still remember the amazing experience of delivering their gifts.  The single mom was so grateful and literally cried as we dropped off the items.  My children learned a HUGE lesson about gratitude as we pulled up to their tiny, rundown home.  We all left with very full hearts.  I am certain that my family was way more "helped" than that little family!  I can't wait to do it again this year.
If you are interested in finding out more, go to this link.
Fill out the info, and you can have your family before the weekend is over.  With all of the amazing Amazon toy deals, you could really provide a fabulous holiday for a needy family while spending very little.  I'm guessing that $15-20 per child would buy a WHOLE LOT right now.  Maybe your family can only help one child, maybe twenty--either way,  I'm sure you'll be the one walking away changed from the experience.
***I'd love to hear your thoughts on this and any traditions of service you have for the holidays. 


More Amazon Toys Today!

****Now $39.99 It's another great day on Amazon.com for toys!  Let's start with the Barbie Fashion Palace for only $49.99!  This is listed at $119.99 regular price!  Grab it QUICK if this is on your list!!!  Check out the HUNDREDS of deals here!

Crayola Color Twister now $5.99!

Littlest Pet Shop Pet Spotlight (my daughter got this for her birthday yesterday-- so cute!) reg. 14.99, now $5.99!

Liv Dolls on a great deal!  Only $9.99 from $21.99!  I saw Daniela, Alexis, Sophie and Katie!

Dora Musical Fiesta Mega Bloks set, reg. 29.99, now $9.99

Thomas Mega Bloks set, reg. $49.99, now $14.99

Polly Pockets Fashion Stage, reg. 35.99, now 14.99!

I'll be posting more Amazon deals in a bit along with grocery deals for our area.  Let me know if there's something in particular you're looking for!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Toy Deals Today!

***Be sure to check earlier posts for price changes too!
 Nerf Target Board, reg. $24.99, now $9.99!
Tech Deck Set, reg. $12.99, now $4.99!

Fantasma Magic Set with DVD instructions!  (Grabbed this one for my 7 year-old), reg. $39.99, now $8.99!
 Fantasma Deluxe Magic Set (currently on Fantasma Website on sale for $59.99!), reg. $59.99, now $14.99!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Toy Deals on Amazon!

 Toy Story Buzz Light Year Mission Set, Reg. $21.99, now $8.99
 FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies, reg. $11.99, now $4.60
 Iron Man 2 Repulsor Set, reg. $14.99, now $8.99  NOW $6.99!
Mega Bloks iCoaster with 4 Bonus Stunts, reg. $89.99, now $35.99

Go to this link to check out these and other deals!

More Amazon Toy Deals Today!

Looks like it's finally here--the annual Amazon toy sale.  Many of you have heard me talk about this sale, and I wanted to share a few of the ways I use this big one to save a ton of money for the rest of the year:
1.  I use SwagBucks during the year to do my internet searches.  Throughout the day, I'm awarded SwagBucks just for using the internet as I normally do.  Then I take those virtual dollars and exchange them for Amazon.com gift cards.  I earned a big chunk this year that will cover most of my shopping!  Check it out for yourself!  It's easy to use, I've had no spamming at all, and I've earned lots of points!

2.   I frequently check the best toy deal list on Amazon right here.  Amazon is a huge site, and it can be tough to find the great deals.  Don't miss out (some sell out within minutes) by spending all your time searching.  Just bookmark the link above, and you can refresh the page throughout the day to see anything new.  

3.  Prices go up and down almost constantly during this sale.  If you see what you think is a super deal, grab it!  It will likely be gone or priced higher very shortly!  (Sometimes it might even be priced lower later!!!)  There's really no rhyme or reason, so if it fits your budget, I say don't wait.  (You can always do a quick price comparison on Walmart.com or Toys R Us to see if it's a really great deal.)

4.  Think ahead!  This is the biggest way I save money with this sale.  We all have many occassions throughout the year when we give presents.  Think of all the birthday parties your children attend!  Think about their own birthdays.  I like to give my kids a gift on Easter, so I plan for that.  You get the idea!  When you can buy a $20 Pixos set for $4 (I did last year on the Amazon sale!!!), it just makes sense to grab a couple for birthday gifts.  Then you won't be heading to the store to drop $20 or more on a last-minute gift for a classmate's birthday.  Seriously, spending $100 on the Amazon sale can equate to $500 or more in regularly-priced toys.  Take a minute to make a list of what you'll need in the upcoming year, and you'll be glad you stocked up!  Think about gender-neutral items too like Crayola, art and craft kits, games--all of these make awesome gifts, and Amazon usually has them on great deals during this sale.

5.  Think about starting a donation tradition!  I love being able to teach my kids the value of giving and helping others with Christmastime!  We pick a family or two who needs a little extra help and are able to load them up with great gifts for their children because of the Amazon sale.  Maybe you know someone who could use some help.  At $3-5 per toy (and very expensive toys usually!!!), you might be able to work it into your budget too!
So those are a few suggestions to get you going!  Think about how you can maximize this sale, and check the list frequently.  The next few days are sure to be crazy, but it can be a lot of fun and save you a ton of cash!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shopathome.com Has a *HOT* Kinect Deal!

Get 10% Extra Cash Back (normally 5%) on the Xbox 360 Kinect Family Bundle + Free Shipping at GameStop.com!

Grab this Kinect bundle right now for only $249.97, plus you'll get 10% back from ShopAtHome!  That makes the actual out-of-pocket total around $225!!!

Are you using ShopAtHome yet?  Why not???  Right now you can get great cash back bonuses on some of the things you are already buying!  Check out the Kinect deal above for all the details on how to set up your free account and start saving!

Looks Like the Amazon Deals Are Starting!

I think the Amazon toy deals are finally starting!  Here are a few I found this morning:

Crayola Glow Explosion, reg. $29.99 on sale for $10.99!

Pixos Micros "Show 'N Glow" Set, reg. $29.99, now $7.99!  ($26+ on Walmart.com!)
Crayola Glow Station, reg. $39.99, now $12.99! ($27+ on Walmart.com!), now $10.99!

FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies City Center Play Set, reg. $34.99, now $14.99!

 Barbie Marie Alecia Doll, reg. 14.99, now $4.99!, now $9.99

Check out the deals so far here!

***Use the tabs on top of the items (boys, girls, preschool, games & learning) to navigate to even more deals!  

More deals including Legos here! 

Lego Portal of Atlantis, reg. $99.99, now $69.99!

I'll add more as I find them!  Make sure you sign up with the Amazon Mom deal shared here so that you can enjoy the free 2-day shipping with no minimum order!  You'll be able to snag every deal right away!  Happy shopping! 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Double Gas Rewards at Smith's!

***Update--this deal is NOT available on Smith's cards, but there were a TON of others!

Check out the ad in yesterday's paper!  It states that Smith's is offering double gas rewards for $100 in gift card purchases!  That means $.30 off per gallon!  Grab cards for places you regularly shop--not just as gifts for others!  For example, buy Smith's gift cards or Walmart gift cards!  If you separate them into individual $100 transactions, you should have several gas rewards to use over the next few months!  Save big by grabbing this deal!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Smith's Coupon Round-Up Sunday-Tuesday!

Just got the official word from our friends at Savvy Shopper Deals that Smith's will be holding another coupon "round-up" event starting Sunday!  We'll have three days to take advantage of the deals.  All coupons under $1 will be "rounded up" to $1.  There will be some great deals to be had FOR SURE!  Make sure and check out my coupons.com bar to the right to print off any coupons you might want for this sale!  I'll work on a list of deals to share later!

Movie Ticket Deal on GM Cereals at Harmon's!!!

There's a pretty snazzy deal for movie-goers on marked boxes of General Mills cereals this week (through tomorrow) at Harmon's!  I tested this deal last night (with some friends!!!), and it is pretty great!  Right now, the large GM cereal boxes (South Jordan Harmon's had Trix, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Reese's Puffs) are on sale 4/$10.  There's also an in-ad coupon for "buy 4, get one free".  There are also multiple manufacturer Qs available.  (I used the $1/2 from the 11/14 insert.)  The great bonus that makes this deal worthwile is that when you buy the specially-marked boxes, you'll get a free movie ticket for every two boxes you buy!  So for a grand total of $10 (without any coupons), you'd get five large boxes of cereal and two movie tickets!  If you have coupons, you'd get all that for just $8!  If you like going to the movies, that's a HUGE savings!
This deal ends tomorrow, so grab it quick!

HUGE Tai Pan Deal--Krista, Amber, are you out there???!!!

 Thanks to Coupons 4 Utah for sharing this great deal!  If you're a Tai Pan Trading fan, now is the time to stock up on gift cards for the next year!  Through tomorrow, Saturday, December 4th, you can get a gift card bonus with your purchase.  The breakdown looks like this:
Buy $50, get $10 free!
Buy $100, get $20 free!
Buy $150, get $35 free!
Buy $200, get $50 free!
Go here  to print the coupons for this deal, and take them with you to the store!  Use the gift cards on after-Christmas clearance for an even better deal!

Get Those Photo Book Christmas Presents for Cheap! $100 to Picaboo.com for $35!

I've posted about this deal before, but now it comes at just the right time!  If you like to make photo books for holiday gifts (they are awesome!!!), now's the time to grab a great deal!  Just check out the Groupon deal here to buy a $100 credit to Picaboo.com for only $35!  Choose Edmonton, Canada as the deal city, and this deal will come up.  Don't worry--you don't have to live in Canada to get the deal or to use it!  If you read the details, you'll see that the deal is in US dollars and will be used on the US website!  It can also cover shipping costs too!  And the 8X11 classic book is $29.99, so you could get three with the certificate.  Believe me, that is a great deal for photo books!  I'll be snagging this deal myself!

Phineas & Ferb DS Game $10 with Free Shipping!

Here's a deal for your DS users!  Grab this DS game from Walmart.com here for only $10!  Then you can choose standard shipping to get it delivered to your door for free!  I'll have one happy son with this one...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Great Toy Deals at JCP.com!

Go here to check out all the deals.  I'm sharing a few of my favorites!
4-Set of Princess Dolls $5.99
Fashion Show Stage $9.99
Laundry Room $9.99
Riding Train and Track $59.99
Shopping Cart with Food $6.99

In Home (or Other Location) Family Photo Shoot, 8 X 10 and 25 Christmas Cards for $29.99!

WOW!  Here's a deal for the holidays!  Right here you can get an in-home (or other location) photo shoot for your family that includes an 8 X 10 and 25 Christmas Cards for only $29.99!  I'm so excited about this one because we can't take our daughter out since she had hip surgery a few weeks ago, and I've been wanting to get a holiday pic done.  Now we can!  Yipppeeee!  Maybe this fits for you with a new baby or other reason to have your pics done at home (or somewhere else close by that you love)!  Enjoy this one!

Great JC Penney Deals--Castle Set $4.99, Disney Rapunzel Dress Up $7.99!

Here are a few great deals today from JC Penney!  This might not be the first place you would look for toys, but I've had lots of luck over the past few years with their online store.  You can choose to have the items sent to your store also for no charge!
Go here to check out the deals that include a Rapunzel (and Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and fairies) dress for $7.99 (after 20% off code 4relves) and the castle play set for only $4.99 after code!!!

 And get this doll high chair for just $4.80 after the code here
***Just make sure to use the links in this post because JC Penney is notorios for having different prices on the same items online.  If you do a search, you might not find the same deal!
Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Groupon Deal for P&G and Other Grocery/Toiletry Items

Run to this link now!!!  Choose "Lexington" as your city, and you can snag a fabulous deal!  You'll get a $50 certificate for Dormzy for only $25!  Dormzy offers toiletries and groceries delivered to your house!  And with this certificate, you'll enjoy 50% off!

IHOP Gift Cards 20% Off!

Go here now to get IHOP gift cards for 20% off!  Get a $20 card for $16 before they are gone!  These are actual gift cards, and it looks like you can buy as many as you want!  Remember to use simpletosavefree in the promo code box for free shipping!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Clark Planetarium Annual Family Membership 50% Off Today Only!

There's a great Groupon deal today!  Right now, you can get an annual family membership (good for up to five people) to the Clark Planetarium for only $49!  That's 50% off and a deal that I've never seen!  This would also make a great Christmas gift for all the kiddos or grandkids!  Go here for all the details and to get yours!