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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Best Deals for the Week

Here are some of the best deals around town this week without coupons.  You can either go to each store or price match at Walmart or Super Target.

Beef London Broil $2.29 lb. (Associated Foods)
Boneless Beef Cross Rib Roast $2.49 lb. (Associated Foods)
Boneless Beef Sirloin Tip Roast or Steak $1.99 lb. (Ream's)
Boneless Beef Rump Roast $1.99 (Fresh Market)
Petite Sirloin Steak $2.49 lb. (Smith's)

Peaches, Nectarines & Plums $.88 (Walmart)
Mango $.50 each (Walmart)
Roma Tomato $.59 (Associated Foods)
Green Bell Pepper $.50 (Walmart)
Corn on the Cob $.20 each (Walmart)
*Potatoes 15 lb. bag $1.50 (Associated Foods)
Leaf Lettuce Romaine, Green or Red $.50 (Fresh Market)
Grapes, Red & Green seedless $.99 lb. (Harmon's)
Limes 10/$1 (Ream's)
Apricots $.88 lb. (Ream's)
Carrots 2 lb. Bag $.99 (Ream's)
Strawberries 1 lb. pkg. $1.25 (Fresh Market)
Haas Avacados $.79 each (Smith's)

*Eggs Medium Dozen $.59 (Associated Foods)
Danonino Dairy Snack Packs $1.59 (Associated Foods)
Mountain Dairy (compare to store brand) Milk Gallon $1.79 (Smith's)
Gold n'Soft 15 oz. Margarine Tub $.88 (Ream's)
Orange Juice Gallon Kroger Brand $1.99 (Smith's)

Don Julio Tortillas 8 inch Home Style 17.5oz. pack $.99 (Associated Foods)
Grandma Sycamore's 24 oz. white or wheat bread 3/$5 (Harmon's)
Smith's Bread 20 oz. Large or Sandwich $1.00 (Smith's)

Gold Fish Crackers 6.6-8 oz. varieties $.99 (Harmon's)
Kroger Saltines 15-16 oz. $1.29 (Smith's)
Kroger Fruit Snacks $1.00 (Smith's)
Lunchables Lunch Kit 4.5 oz $1.25 (Walmart)

I'll be shopping at Smith's bright-and-early Monday morning to take advantage of their great "Mega Sale".  Pair their Kraft cheese sale with coupons and the great catalina that starts Monday, and you'll be able to buy free Philadelphia cream cheese, dirt cheap Kraft singles (about $.29 per package) and more!  Don't miss it!