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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Candy Coupons for Halloween

Halloween is just a few weeks away, so it's time to start checking out the candy deals!  Print these coupons quick (before they disappear), and we'll pair them up with a great sale for cheap Halloween candy!  (I need to check if these match up with the Smith's deal this week...)

These will be gone quickly--remember that many printable coupons have a pre-set limit, and once that print limit is reached, they go away.  Grab them now!

Daily Deals

Get an annual family pass to This Is The Place park from Living Social for only $62!  This is a 50% discount and includes your immediate family (spouse and kids) plus two additional guests each time you go!  Grab it before it's gone!

Today's Groupon is fabulous!  (I could sure use it after the day I've had!)  Go here to snag a 60-minute Swedish massage at The Spa Lounge in Draper for $35!!!  This one is about to sell out--only a few left.

After you get your massage, get your hair done for 50% off too!  Get 50% off a cut, color, and style at Soluna Salon--only $25!

A "Beauty"-Ful Deal on Beauty and the Beast!

If you haven't picked up Beauty and the Beast yet, now's a great time to head to Toys R Us!  When you buy the Blu-Ray/DVD Combo pack and pre-order Toy Story 3, you'll get Beauty and the Beast for $2.99!  Here's how you do it:
2.  Grab the Combo Pack at Toys R Us.
3.  Grab the pre-order card for Toy Story 3.

4.  Pay for Beauty and the Beast using the $10 coupon, plus you'll get an instant $10 off any Disney Blu-Ray over $19.99 (for pre-ordering Toy Story 3).  That makes your movie $2.99.
5.  Pay $5 toward the pre-order of Toy Story 3.  Total:  $7.99 plus tax.

Great List of Match-Ups for Smith's Sale

Smith's is having a good sale this week that matches up well with many printable and newspaper coupons.  Just check out the link to see all the great deals, including some items for free!  Thanks to Joani at Coupons4Utah for this great list of deals!

Best Grocery Deals of the Week

Here are some of the best deals for the week in the Salt Lake Valley.  Keep in mind that each store has a different ad schedule, so be attentive to those when making your purchases.  Also, you can shop each store individually or price-match at Walmart or Target.  If you have additional deals to share, please leave them in the comments so we can all benefit!

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast $1.89 lb. (Ream's)
Boneless Seasoned Chicken Breast Fillet, 10-lb. box $16.00 (Ream's)
Ground Turkey Chub (1 lb.) $1 (Fresh Market)
Petite Cut Sirloin Steak $2.49 lb. (Smith's)
Lean Ground Beef (Family Pack) $1.89 lb. (Associated Foods)
Cross Rib Roast $2.29 lb. (Associated Foods)

Green Bell Peppers 2/$1 (Harmon's)
Kroger 10 lb. Potato $1.59 (Smith's)
Red Bell Peppers $.69 each (Fresh Market)
Red Seedless Grapes $.98 lb. (Ream's)
Tangerines $.98 lb. (Ream's)
Yellow Onions, 25 lb. bag $3.99 (Ream's)
Cellow Lettuce $.89 each (Associated Foods)
Bunched Spinach $.99 (Ream's)
Dole 12 oz. Garden Salad $.99 (Ream's)
1 lb. Baby Carrots $.79 (Fresh Market)
Broccoli Crown $.79 lb. (Fresh Market)

Sara Lee White/Wheat Classic, 20 oz. 3/$5 (Ream's)

Mountain Dairy Milk Gallon $1.89 (Smith's)
Dozen Large Eggs $.89 (Fresh Market)

Betty Crocker Cake Mix $.79 (Ream's)
Don Julio Tortilla Chips $.88 (Ream's)
Sprite/Coke Products, 2-liter $.79 (Smith's--part of the "Buy 10, save $5" sale)
Top Ramen 3 oz. 6/$1 (Ream's)
Pasta Louigi, 16 oz. assorted $.59 (Ream's)
Western Family Mandarin Oranges 3/$1 (Fresh Market)
Western Family Assorted Gravy and Mixes 3/$1 (Fresh Market)
Easy Mac $.49 (Smith's--part of the "Buy 10, save $5" sale)