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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Final Disney on Ice Winner--Congrats Krista!

Hope everyone has fun at Disney on Ice next week!  Congrats to our final winner, Krista!  Watch for our next contest starting soon!

Friday, October 29, 2010

CityDeals Discount 35% off Incredible Pizza!

Get a great deal on family entertainment at CityDeals today! Right now, we can all snag $25 Incredible Pizza certificates for only $16!  And you can buy and use as many as you want!  Stock up now for birthdays (this would equal a big discount for a birthday party!) and other days when you'll want to take the kids (or grandkids) to do something fun!  Grab some now before they sell out!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun Freebie for Friday!

IHOP is offering a free "Scary Face Pancake" for each child 12 and under on Friday, October 29th!  What a fun treat for the kiddos--how about a Halloween breakfast for dinner?  Share this freebie with everyone!

How To Train Your Dragon

If How to Train Your Dragon is on your movie list, today's the day to grab it!  RC Willey is offering it as part of their "Wild Wednesdays" sale.  You can order the DVD online and pick up in store for $8.95 or the Blu-ray for $14.95.  This offer is valid today only!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stock Up Suggestions

As you could see, the grocery list for this week is nothing to get too excited about, but there was one item on the list that stuck out--baking sugar!  It might not seem like a big deal now, but in a few weeks, we'll all be needing brown sugar and powered sugar, and now is a great time to stock up.  Believe me, I had to buy powered sugar a few weeks ago in a pinch and it was $2.29 for a 1-pound bag.  Right now, you can get it for only $.79 per bag!  The shelf life is eternal (ok, not quite, but it will last for a long time!!!), and you'll be able to use it throughout the year--especially during the holidays.  So grab some while the price is loooooooow!

Best Grocery Deals This Week

Not a super week on the grocery front, but there are still a few items worth mentioning since we all have to eat....

Rump Roast $2.29 lb. (Ream's)
Honeysuckle White Turkey Breast $1.49 lb. (Harmon's)
Chuck Pot Roast $2.29 lb. (Fresh Market)
Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast $1.59 lb. (Fresh Market)
Sirloin Tip Roast $2.29 lb. (Associated Foods)

Florida Fall-Glo Tangerines $.79 lb. (Ream's)
Roma Tomato $.88 lb. (Ream's)
Large Artichokes $1 each (Ream's)
Dole 12 oz. Classic Salad $.79 each (Ream's)
Dole 14 oz. Classic Coleslaw $.79 each (Ream's)
Medium Yellow Onions $.29 lb. (Ream's)
Schoolboy sized Granny Smith, Red and Golden Delicious Apples $.69 lb. (Fresh Market)
10 lb. Idaho Russet Potatoes $1.59 each (Smith's)
Large Tomato $.88 lb. (Associated Foods)
10 lb. Braeburn or Fuji Apples $4.99 a Bag (Associated Foods)

Store Brand Sour Cream, 16 oz. $.79 each (Ream's)
Mountain Dairy Chocolate Milk, Half Gallon $.99 (Smith's)
Mountain Dairy Gallon Milk $1.99 (Smith's)

Store Brand 1 lb. Powered, Brown or Light Brown Sugar $.79 (Harmon's)

Congrats to Disney on Ice Winner #3--mandy!

Congrats to our third Disney on Ice winner, Mandy!  Contact me with your address, and I'll get your vouchers in the mail!  Our last drawing will be on Friday night!

Pumpkin + Crush = A Sweet Halloween Deal!

My deal-seeking husband (he's getting good at this!) just called me from the store to report a great deal in Riverton!  Fresh Market currently has pumpkins for $.09 per pound, and with each pumpkin you buy, you get a free 2-liter of Crush soda!  The cashier mentioned that the deal would continue until they run out of the coupons at the register, so if you still need pumpkins (and free soda) head over to the Fresh Market in Riverton!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Congrats to Disney on Ice Winner #2--jgalke!

Congrats to our second winner of four Disney on Ice tickets--jgalke!  Just email me at sosimpletosave@hotmail.com with your address!  Another winner will be picked on Thursday!

Great Halloween Decor

I saw this pic two months ago in my Good Housekeeping magazine, and I pulled it out to save for Halloween.  Since we were gone on an unexpected family vacation last week, my time is a little short, but I'm still planning to work on getting at least one or two of these cute cats done for the front porch (first I have to clear out the newspapers from the weekend!).  Pumpkins are only $.09 per pound at Fresh Market and Associated Foods this week (through tomorrow), so now's the time to grab a few with the kiddos.  Some high gloss black spray paint and stick-on plastic gems, and we should be done.  What are you doing for Halloween decor?

Do You Know How Blogs "Work"?

I've been wanting to post on this topic for quite some time because before I started blogging, I had no idea about what effort would be involved in running a blog and how a blog could become a source of income, especially if you're not selling something directly.  Well, I've learned a lot since starting this blog in July, and I'd like to share some of what I've learned with you.
1.  Blogs cost money and time to run.  Obviously there is effort and time required to keep a blog going.  No matter what the topic, the blogger has to choose formats for the blog, add content and update the blog regularly.  Some blog hosting is free, but if you want to have a direct web address, you often need to pay for that.  And depending on the size of the blog, web hosting may be necessary to accomodate all of the information and images.  I'm still learning about all of these options.
2.  A blog can be a lot of work!!!  I expected to be more busy with this blog as a new part of my life, but I had no idea how crazy and time-consuming it can be!  Especially when running a savings-style blog, readers want to be kept informed on deals, and those deals come out at any time.  Some last for days, some last for minutes.  So depending on how much time you have, you can spend most of it keeping your blog current with the latest deals.  I've tried to find a balance between deals and life.  I'm sure that will be harder to do as the holidays approach...
3.  You can earn money with a blog.  So far, I've earned very little with my blog, and part of that is my fault.  (And I'm ok with that!)  One of the main ways that bloggers earn money is through special programs often referred to as "affiliate programs".  Basically, companies pay a percentage or per-click price when blog readers order their product (or click on a link) from your blog.  (Like the DVD offer above.)  It is often pennies per click or a small percentage.  I say that I'm ok with having earned very little from my blog so far because I get so overwhelmed from other blogs sometimes at the number of "buy here, get this now" type of posts.  Now don't get me wrong--I like earning money, and I think that keeping this blog up and going is definitely work, but I really want to bring great deals to you without worrying about whether I'm getting a portion back for telling you about them.  Now if there's something that you want to order from Amazon.com or the daily deals I post, I might earn a small part of the sale, and that's fine because I'm definitely working for it.  But that's not my primary focus for this blog.  My family has benefited tremendously from saving money through deals, and I want to pass that on.
4.  If you want to start a blog, do your research first!  I jumped in head-first, and I really wish I would have taken more time to learn about blogging, html, and all the many elements of running a successful blog that I had no clue about.  I'm still learning, and this is definitely the hard way to do it!  Start the right way by reading other blogs in your area of interest, communicate with other bloggers, read books, study and learn!  Then launch!
So that's it for now!  I'm sure we'll "talk" more about blogging soon, and if you have any questions or comments, please add them!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


And I'll be getting caught up on the deals tomorrow morning!  I'm excited to see that we're at 75 Facebook fans so far.  When we hit 100, I think I'll have to give away some goodies!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Speaking of Disney...

We are on our way out the door for a much-needed family mini-vacation to Disneyland.  I'll update the blog as I can, but please feel free to share deals under comments as well!  When we share the deals, everyone benefits!  I'll be back "for real" on the weekend!

New Contest! Disney on Ice Giveaway!

Update:  Congrats to our first winner, Alisha!  The next winner of four tickets will be chosen on Friday, October 22nd!  Two more winners will be chosen Tuesday, Oct. 26 and Friday, Oct. 29.

It's time for another contest!  On Friday, I'll choose a winner for one family pack of four tickets to the Salt Lake stop of the Disney on Ice tour!  That's right, you can earn four tickets!  More tickets will be given away over the next three weeks--about one set every six days or so!  Make sure to get as many entries as you can!  Here's how you get your chances to win:

1.  Leave a comment on this post with your name and email for one entry.
2.  Become a follower on Google Friend Connect for another entry.
3.  "Like" So Simple 2 Save on Facebook for another entry.
4.  Share the love--get one additional entry for each friend you refer who becomes a follower on Google or Facebook.  Just add a comment with each friend's first name that you referred!

Remember, this show will include segments from Lilo and Stitch, Peter Pan, the Little Mermaid and more!  I know my kids can't wait!  Hope to be "taking" you along!

The first winner will be chosen on Friday night!  Watch for the post on So Simple 2 Save.  The winner will have 48 hours to claim tickets, or they'll go to second place!  Good luck!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Need Something Fun to Do Today?

Incredible Pizza is now offering $10 Sundays and Mondays through October 31st!  For $10 per person, you'll get unlimited buffet, drinks, dessert and all attractions!  There doesn't appear to be any coupon necessary, but this deal cannot be combined with others, so head over today for some big time fun!

CityDeals Extra 25% Off Many Deals!

Through midnight tonight only, you can get an additional 25% off on select deals at CityDeals!  Just use the code SCARYDEALS at checkout!  Check out all the deals here!

First Disney on Ice Winner--Alisha!

Alisha, you are our first winner of Disney on Ice tickets!  Be sure to contact me through the site by Wednesday morning to redeem!  Otherwise, tickets go to our runner-up, Erika!

Leap Frog Bonus Discount

Just got this email from Leap Frog this morning!  I remember getting some amazing deals from them last year for Christmas gifts, so if you're in the market, now might be a good time to check out what's available.  With the additional $10 or $20 off using the codes above, you'll likely score!

Great Christmas (or Other Occassion) Deal for the Princesses in Your Life!

Just noticed in the Smith's Marketplace ad yesterday that the Disney Mini Dolls are on sale this week!  I don't know about you, but I have a princess freak in my house (actually two), so I was really excited about this one!  This week, you can get the four-pack pictured above for only $9.99 ($20+shipping on Amazon.com)!  We're headed to Disneyland tomorrow, so I'm grabbing one of these to gift while we're there!  They are probably $30+ at the park, so big savings!  There are different ones to choose from in the ad, so check it out!  And run to Walmart to price match if you want!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Best Grocery Deals of the Week

This week's list is pretty late due to the holiday on Monday and some internet issues, but here it is! 

London Broil $1.98 lb. (Macey's)
Bone-in Sirloin Pork Chop or Roast $.99 lb. (Associated Foods)
80% Lean Ground Beef $1.49 lb. (Ream's)
Boneless Pork Loin $1.99 lb. (Smith's)
Norbest Turkey Breast $1.49 lb. (Fresh Market)
Cross Rib Roast $1.99 lb. (Fresh Market)

Apples (School boy sized Gala, Red & Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonagold, Braeburn) $.67 lb. (Associated Foods)
15 lb. Russet Idaho Potatoes $1.99 (Associated Foods)
Red Ripe Tomato $.99 lb. (Associated Foods)
Jumbo White Onion $.69 (Associated Foods)
Artichokes 10/$10 (Harmon's)
Leaf Lettuce 10/$10 (Harmon's)
Roma Tomato $.88 (Smith's)
Bananas $.44 lb. (Ream's)
Cucumber 2/$1 (Ream's)
Red & Green Bell Pepper 2/$1 (Ream's)
Celery $.69 (Ream's)

Mountain Dairy Gallon Milk $1.89 (Smith's)
Large Dozen Eggs $.79 (Smith's)
Kroger Sour Cream, 16 oz. $.88 (Smith's)

Shasta 2 liter $.50 (Fresh Market)
Cheese Nips, 8 oz. 5/$5 (Harmon's)
Lunchables $.99 (Fresh Market--with in-ad coupon, limit 5)
Pic Sweet Veggies 14-16 oz. $.69 (Fresh Market--with in-ad coupon, limit 5)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pretty Great Toy Deals at Smith's Marketplace This Week!

Update:  These Hasbro coupons are wierd ones!  If you read the fine print, they state that they may not be used with other promotions or on rainchecks.  I've never seen a coupon limit use with an in-store sale or raincheck, so I'm guessing I'm not quite understanding the intention on these.  They do expire early next week, so not a lot of time to use them, but it might be worth getting a raincheck to see if any come in by Monday.
If you're ready to get a head-start on holiday shopping, now might be a great time!  Smith's Marketplace is having a BOGO sale on several lines of toys this week, including My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake.  Several items from these lines match up well with the Hasbro toy coupons in the 9/26 Smart Source insert.  Here are a few:
My Little Pony Remote Control Plane ($24.99 on Amazon)
Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Styles ($22.71 on Amazon)

I priced these at the West Jordan store, and they are both $22.99 plus buy one, get one free.  Here's a deal scenario:
Buy 2 My Little Pony Remote Control Plane at $22.99
Subtract $22.99 for BOGO
Use two $5/1 coupons from 9/26 SS
Total:  $12.99 + tax (or $6.50 each)

*Whether your cashier will allow a coupon on the free item is anyone's guess.  Mine did, since the store makes more money by allowing me to use two coupons.
*One more thing--make sure to call the store first on stock.  There were only two "My Little Pony" planes at the West Jordan store--everything else was gone.  The employee in the toy department said they are expecting a shipment on Thursday.

There are quite a few toys on sale that match up with the coupon booklet, so check it out and share what deals you come up with!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Paid to Shop! Guess How Much and You Could Win!

Before discounts and coupons, the grand total was $60.59!  Can you guess how much the Smith's cashier actually handed me back in CASH???!!!  (Nope, I didn't request cash back on my ATM card--I just got cash back from the total purchase price!).  Take your best guess, and the person closest by tomorrow night will win TWO FULL COUPON INSERTS from yesterday's newspaper!  That's two Smart Source and two Proctor & Gamble inserts to the winner!  Just leave a comment with your guess!
3 Capri Sun
2 Green Giant Steamers
5 Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 Wonder Smart White Bread
2 Fruit Loops
4 Easy Mac
2 Diet Coke
2 Kellogg's Fruit Snacks
2 5-lb. bag Flour
2 Oreo
1 Chips-Ahoy!
1 Cheese-n-Cracker Sticks

Save 15% on Furniture on Target.com

I love some of the cute accent pieces offered by Target!  Don't you?  Well, if you've been waiting for a deal, today just might be the day!  I received an email good for 15% off furniture purchases through Tuesday, October 12th.  Just use code TCAFBF12 at checkout.  To make the deal even better, many items are already on sale or clearance and have free shipping over $50 too!  Check it out!

Daily Deals for Monday, Oct. 11, 2010

Like Indian food?  Get $20 worth at Star of India Restaurant for only $10 here!
Get a 60% discount to the Utah Symphony just in time for the holiday season!  You'll get a trio of tickets valid at any three "Masters" performances through May 2011 for only $42!  Click here to get this Groupon before it's gone!

Save over 55% on cute handbags online!  Get your Eversave deal today for Saltbox handbags!  Get a $32 certificate for only $14!  Grab this deal here!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

$2 Quaker Coupon!

Head over to this link now to print off a great Quaker's Instant Oatmeal coupon.  I'm sure we'll get free or almost free oatmeal with this coupon!  Print two copies per computer!  Get this one quick--it will disappear very soon, I'm sure!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Grab a Great Deal on Diapers & Pull Ups Today and Tomorrow!

I decided to brave Rite Aid this morning for the first time in months, and I'm glad I did!  I went to the Taylorsville Rite Aid (at 4700 S. and Redwood Rd.), but this deal should work at most any Rite Aid, as long as they offering to allow substitution of the "Pure and Natural" coupon I mention below.
Basically, I was able to get four packages of jumbo Pull Ups for just over $13!
Here's how you can too:
1.  Gather your coupons!  You'll need the $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon available here plus four Huggies coupons.  You can print two diaper coupons ($2.50 off one Little Movers or Snugglers) and two "Pure and Natural" diaper coupons ($3 off one) right here.  (The Taylorsville store had signs posted that the "Pure and Natural" coupon is being accepted for any Huggies jumbo pack because they have been out of "Pure and Natural" for some time.  Not sure if this is the case everywhere.)  There are also great coupons in the 9/26 Smart Source insert.
2.  To save an additional $2, watch the Huggies video on the Rite Aid Video Rewards site here!
3.  Choose four packages of Huggies on sale for $7.99.  I picked jumbo Pull Ups.  (I was able to use four "Pure and Natural" coupons for these because of the in-store substitution.)
4.  Hand over your coupons!  Your total should be around $13 if your store is honoring the "Pure and Natural" coupons for any jumbo Huggies.  If not, be sure to use the regular Huggies coupons and buy those diaper or get some "Pure and Natural" ones if they are available.

This deal should be valid through tomorrow, Saturday, October, 9th.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daily Costume Deals at BuyCostumes.com

Here are more great deals on Halloween costumes!  Get these Animal Planet costumes today only for $4.99 each!  Choose from the sea otter or the white tiger!  They have infant sizes from 6-24 months.  Use code CREEPY20 for an additional 20% off.  Shipping is $4.99, and it was still $4.99 when I ordered two.  Check out this hot deal (plus lots of others) under the "Sale" tab.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Candy Coupons for Halloween

Halloween is just a few weeks away, so it's time to start checking out the candy deals!  Print these coupons quick (before they disappear), and we'll pair them up with a great sale for cheap Halloween candy!  (I need to check if these match up with the Smith's deal this week...)

These will be gone quickly--remember that many printable coupons have a pre-set limit, and once that print limit is reached, they go away.  Grab them now!

Daily Deals

Get an annual family pass to This Is The Place park from Living Social for only $62!  This is a 50% discount and includes your immediate family (spouse and kids) plus two additional guests each time you go!  Grab it before it's gone!

Today's Groupon is fabulous!  (I could sure use it after the day I've had!)  Go here to snag a 60-minute Swedish massage at The Spa Lounge in Draper for $35!!!  This one is about to sell out--only a few left.

After you get your massage, get your hair done for 50% off too!  Get 50% off a cut, color, and style at Soluna Salon--only $25!

A "Beauty"-Ful Deal on Beauty and the Beast!

If you haven't picked up Beauty and the Beast yet, now's a great time to head to Toys R Us!  When you buy the Blu-Ray/DVD Combo pack and pre-order Toy Story 3, you'll get Beauty and the Beast for $2.99!  Here's how you do it:
2.  Grab the Combo Pack at Toys R Us.
3.  Grab the pre-order card for Toy Story 3.

4.  Pay for Beauty and the Beast using the $10 coupon, plus you'll get an instant $10 off any Disney Blu-Ray over $19.99 (for pre-ordering Toy Story 3).  That makes your movie $2.99.
5.  Pay $5 toward the pre-order of Toy Story 3.  Total:  $7.99 plus tax.

Great List of Match-Ups for Smith's Sale

Smith's is having a good sale this week that matches up well with many printable and newspaper coupons.  Just check out the link to see all the great deals, including some items for free!  Thanks to Joani at Coupons4Utah for this great list of deals!

Best Grocery Deals of the Week

Here are some of the best deals for the week in the Salt Lake Valley.  Keep in mind that each store has a different ad schedule, so be attentive to those when making your purchases.  Also, you can shop each store individually or price-match at Walmart or Target.  If you have additional deals to share, please leave them in the comments so we can all benefit!

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast $1.89 lb. (Ream's)
Boneless Seasoned Chicken Breast Fillet, 10-lb. box $16.00 (Ream's)
Ground Turkey Chub (1 lb.) $1 (Fresh Market)
Petite Cut Sirloin Steak $2.49 lb. (Smith's)
Lean Ground Beef (Family Pack) $1.89 lb. (Associated Foods)
Cross Rib Roast $2.29 lb. (Associated Foods)

Green Bell Peppers 2/$1 (Harmon's)
Kroger 10 lb. Potato $1.59 (Smith's)
Red Bell Peppers $.69 each (Fresh Market)
Red Seedless Grapes $.98 lb. (Ream's)
Tangerines $.98 lb. (Ream's)
Yellow Onions, 25 lb. bag $3.99 (Ream's)
Cellow Lettuce $.89 each (Associated Foods)
Bunched Spinach $.99 (Ream's)
Dole 12 oz. Garden Salad $.99 (Ream's)
1 lb. Baby Carrots $.79 (Fresh Market)
Broccoli Crown $.79 lb. (Fresh Market)

Sara Lee White/Wheat Classic, 20 oz. 3/$5 (Ream's)

Mountain Dairy Milk Gallon $1.89 (Smith's)
Dozen Large Eggs $.89 (Fresh Market)

Betty Crocker Cake Mix $.79 (Ream's)
Don Julio Tortilla Chips $.88 (Ream's)
Sprite/Coke Products, 2-liter $.79 (Smith's--part of the "Buy 10, save $5" sale)
Top Ramen 3 oz. 6/$1 (Ream's)
Pasta Louigi, 16 oz. assorted $.59 (Ream's)
Western Family Mandarin Oranges 3/$1 (Fresh Market)
Western Family Assorted Gravy and Mixes 3/$1 (Fresh Market)
Easy Mac $.49 (Smith's--part of the "Buy 10, save $5" sale)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today's Groupon Great for Riverton Residents!

Today only, you can get 50% off at the new Thai restaurant in Riverton (are you reading, Erika???!!!)!  Grab $20 worth of food for only $10!  And what I love even more--you can use two certificates with a table of 5 or more!  That sure suits our family!  Check this one out ASAP, because when it's gone, it's gone!

Get High Quality Cosmetics at a Great Price!

Today's Ever Save deal is great!  You can get $40 worth of top quality skincare products for only $20!  There are also several other great deals available, including 50% off hair products and chic gifts and accessories.  Check out these deals here!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Great Daily Deals Today!

Today's Groop Dealz allows you to buy a $20 pass for only $10 to any of the three activities in Ogden at Flowrider!  We've been to iFly, and my hubbie loved it!  You can buy up to four passes combined with this deal.  Get all the details here and snag this deal before it's gone!  What an awesome Christmas gift for the adventurous in your life!  (I'm not adventurous at all, so none for me, please!!!) 

Today's Living Social deal is for a $100 custom framing certificate for $50!  This is valid at Evergreen Framing Co. & Gallery at 3295 S. 2000 E.  Now you'll be able to frame one of those great family pics you have stored away or use this as a great gift for a mother-in-law or grandma!
Do you need a website built?  Want to advertise your product, host a family event or just update your blog?  Well, this might be the deal for you!  Today from Screamin Coupons, you can get a custom website built (a $299 value) for only $99!  (And did I mention that your website will be up and running within 24 hours?!!!)  This looks like a great deal to me!

Another deal for those adventurous folks in your life!  How about $30 worth of paintball (includes supplies and play time) for only $13?  Check out today's Groupon here!

Hungry?  How about a 63% discount on dinner?  You'll get two specialty pizzas, six salads and drinks plus a dessert pizza for only $24!  (Plus you'll get a $5 account credit when you sign up, making this deal only $19!!!)  I am a picky pizza eater, and I can tell you that Mountain Mike's pizza is YUMMY!  The barbeque chicken was awesome!  This awesome deal comes from Deals that Matter, a new daily deal site that is great!  They not only offer an awesome deal, but they also give all proceeds to a great cause!  Today's deal benefits the Utah Food Bank.  So fill your tummy, and fill someone else's too.

Free Cookie Day--Print Today Only!

Today is free cookie day!  This happens the first Monday of each month (for now) on Facebook where you can print two copies of a coupon for free Nabisco cookies when you buy another cookie package and a gallon of milk.  Get yours here! Watch for a sale to pair this with--last month I got Oreos for under $1 per package!