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Friday, October 15, 2010

Best Grocery Deals of the Week

This week's list is pretty late due to the holiday on Monday and some internet issues, but here it is! 

London Broil $1.98 lb. (Macey's)
Bone-in Sirloin Pork Chop or Roast $.99 lb. (Associated Foods)
80% Lean Ground Beef $1.49 lb. (Ream's)
Boneless Pork Loin $1.99 lb. (Smith's)
Norbest Turkey Breast $1.49 lb. (Fresh Market)
Cross Rib Roast $1.99 lb. (Fresh Market)

Apples (School boy sized Gala, Red & Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonagold, Braeburn) $.67 lb. (Associated Foods)
15 lb. Russet Idaho Potatoes $1.99 (Associated Foods)
Red Ripe Tomato $.99 lb. (Associated Foods)
Jumbo White Onion $.69 (Associated Foods)
Artichokes 10/$10 (Harmon's)
Leaf Lettuce 10/$10 (Harmon's)
Roma Tomato $.88 (Smith's)
Bananas $.44 lb. (Ream's)
Cucumber 2/$1 (Ream's)
Red & Green Bell Pepper 2/$1 (Ream's)
Celery $.69 (Ream's)

Mountain Dairy Gallon Milk $1.89 (Smith's)
Large Dozen Eggs $.79 (Smith's)
Kroger Sour Cream, 16 oz. $.88 (Smith's)

Shasta 2 liter $.50 (Fresh Market)
Cheese Nips, 8 oz. 5/$5 (Harmon's)
Lunchables $.99 (Fresh Market--with in-ad coupon, limit 5)
Pic Sweet Veggies 14-16 oz. $.69 (Fresh Market--with in-ad coupon, limit 5)

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