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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Free Witch Scavenger Hunt at Gardner Village!

Thanks to Coupons 4 Utah for the great info on the Gardner Village Witch Scavenger Hunt!  We went last year for the elf hunt at Christmas, and my kids and I had a blast!  I can't wait to take them to check out the witches!  The way it works is you download the scavenger hunt form here and take it with you.  Then you walk around all the fun shops to check out all the witch displays.  Find the ones listed on the scavenger hunt list, and when it's complete, each kid under 12 can get a chocolate chip cookie at Afton's (oh my!!!) for only $.25!  We're going to go this week, but the event lasts through October 30th.  Have fun!


  1. We went to the witches and elves last year and my kids loved it!! We haven't ever done the scavenger hunts though. We will have to hurry and go before the weather gets cold:)

  2. The scavenger hunt (at least the elves) was so fun! The clues say things like "which display has an elf riding a bike?" so the kids really have to look. We had the hardest time finding the snoring elf--it was great fun! I'm with you-let's get there before the cold hits!