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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Newspaper Deal is Back! 50% Less than I Pay!

I thought I got a great deal on my four newspaper subscriptions, but seeing this deal makes me want to change my name, move to a new house, heck--I might even ask a neighbor if I can sent the paper to their house!!!   Right now, you can get the Salt Lake Tribune and/or the Deseret News (up to two copies each) for only $19.99 per paper for the whole year! I pay $39 per paper for the same deal, so this is really amazing!  If you don't already get the paper, this is a great way to get many coupons for very cheap! Order two copies for two sets of coupon inserts, three for three and four for four (I get four).

A few details for you:
1. This offer is only available to new subscribers or those who haven't had a subscription within the past six months. Hint here: ask a neighbor if you can get the paper at their house if you want this deal but don't qualify. I'm seriously considering that option myself!
2. This is a pre-pay only offer. So you have to pay the full $19.99 per paper when you sign up.
3. This is for Friday-Sunday papers delivered to your home and Sunday-Saturday e-edition access online. An email must be provided for the e-edition access.
4. This promotion code must be given to secure the discounted price "52/202".
5. To order, just go to www.mediaoneutah.com or call 801-204-6100

**Thanks to Utah Deal Diva for the picture!


  1. Please provide a credit and link to Utah Deal Diva for using my picture! Thanks!

  2. Do you know if I can still get this rate?