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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eye of Round Steak for $.89/lb. at Macey's! Go Snag a GREAT Deal on Meat!

There's a new coupon booklet available at Macey's!  It's called "Singing the Song of Savings" and has coupons that are valid for the month of August.  If you didn't receive one in the mail, be sure to ask at the customer service desk at the store.  I went today and was able to score BIG TIME on a meat purchase.  When you use the $3 off one super saver package of meat, you'll score too!  Just pick any super saver package of meat in the store (I chose Eye of Round Steaks), and apply the coupon at checkout.  It's best to choose as inexpensive of a package as you can find--that increases your savings.  I ended up paying only $1.58 for the package above with FIVE steaks in it!  I also saw boneless, skinless chicken breasts, pork loin chops and other steaks available in the super saver packages.  The coupon is only good for one per customer on one package of meat, but that still makes for a VERY CHEAP (and delicious) dinner!  Plus, if you have more than one "customer" in your house, well, you know what to do!
Happy saving!

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