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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Few Options for Disney's "A Christmas Carol"

'Tis the season for holiday movie purchases!  I haven't seen this yet, but I want to, so I'm watching for good movie deals.  While I haven't seen anything super-fabulous yet, I'm sure we'll catch a sale or two in the coming weeks.  For now, there are two coupons you'll want to keep handy:
1.  Print the Disney Movie Rewards for $10 off the 4-disc combo pack here.  This will apply to the 4-disc version only, so obviously the most expensive, but $10 off is a lot!  Right now these are prices around $27.99.

2.  Grab the ad from Peterson's grocery store this week (this might also be available in other Associated Foods ads).  Clip the coupon for $5 off any fresh meat when you buy "A Christmas Carol".  This is a manufacturer's coupon, so it is good at any store that accepts manufacturer's coupons!!!  Use it with the above coupon for a great deal!
If I see any super bargains on this, I'll let you know ASAP, but for now, $18 for the four discs (includes a digital copy for your iPod or other digital media!!!) and $5 in free meat isn't too bad!

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