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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Use Your Head (Not Just Coupons) to Save Money!

So today I decided that I needed to grab some lunch on the go for my daughter and I.  We had been to several Smith's stores to use our final "round up" coupons, and we were hungry.  So we stopped by In-n-Out for a burger.  As I sat there looking at the order board, I considered how to spend the least amount.  Then I had an epiphany!!!  I didn't want a soda, but there were the combos, just calling out, "buy me!  I'm simple--just use the number!"  But I took an extra moment and thought about how to save money.  Again, I didn't want a soda, and my two year-old daughter  wasn't going to eat much, so I tried something different.  I ordered a la carte.  One cheeseburger, one hamburger and an order of fries.  The grand total?  $5.55.  What if I had done the "easy" thing and ordered the combo plus an extra burger?  Well, the price would have been closer to $7.00.  So lesson learned:  use your head when making a purchase.  Just because things are "packaged" a certain way doesn't mean that is the least expensive option.  If we just pay a little more attention, we can save lots of money without much effort.  (Of course, I would have saved all that money if we just had lunch at home, but the convenience today was worth every penny!!!)

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  1. That is so true! We do that all the time when we eat out with the kids.