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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Super Simple Savings at Smith's!

How about an 85% savings???!!!  That's the kind of receipt that awaits you this week at Smith's (if you pay a little attention to what you buy).  I went in today with my low-value coupons in-hand and was excited to find many of the things I wanted.  Keep in mind that all of these deals (except the Hefty bags and toothbrushes) were made possible by coupons from my newspaper subscriptions.  However, the savings that I got just from this purchase would pay for TWO FULL SUBSCRIPTIONS for one year!!!  That's right--I saved almost $40!  My grand total was just over $8!  So pull out those low-value coupons and get to Smith's!  Let us know what you find--send pics--I'd love to post your deals! 

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