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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Kellogg's Rebate Available at Harmon's!

There's a new rebate in town!  You may have seen it advertised in the Harmon's ad that came in the mail yesterday.  However, the dates on the ad rebate were incorrect, so I hurried over to Harmon's to get the low-down!  This rebate is good for $10 back on any qualifiying combination of ten Kellogg's, Keebler and/or Sunshine products.  That makes the final price at Harmon's 10 for $13.  That's not too shabby, especially if you don't have access to coupons or have a stash of products already.  However, if you apply the So Simple to Save scenario listed below, you'll come out with a really great deal!
Here are the newspaper-based coupons available for this sale:
Keebler Town House Crackers, any $1/2 (8-1-10) RP-6/6
Keebler Town House Flatbread Crisps Crackers, any flavor 9.5 oz. .75/1 (9-5-10) RP-7/11
Kelloggs Cereals, any flavor 10 oz. or larger $1.25/3 (8-8-10) RP-6/27
Kelloggs Cinnabon Cereal, any flavor 10 oz. or larger $1/1 (8-8-10) RP-6/27
Kelloggs Frosted Mini Wheats Cereals, any flavor 14.5 oz. or larger $1/2 (8-22-10) RP-7/11
Kelloggs Nutri Grain Cereal Bars, any flavor 6 ct. or larger .75/1 (9-5-10) RP-7/11
Kelloggs Pop Tarts toaster pastries, any flavor 8 ct. or larger $1/2 (9-5-10) RP-7/11
Kelloggs Pop-Tarts toaster pastries, any flavor 8 ct. or larger $1/2 (8-8-10) RP-6/13
Kelloggs Raisin Bran Crunch, Raisin Bran Extra or Raisin Bran cereals, any 14 oz. or larger $1/2 (9-5-10) RP-7/25

More printable coupons at these websites:

So Simple to Save Scenario:
(2) Kellogg's Fiber Plus Bars (Use $1/1 coupons from www.snackpicks.com)
(5) Kellogg's Cereals on the Harmon's sale list (Use Kelloggs Cereals, any flavor 10 oz. or larger $1.25/3 (8-8-10) RP-6/27 + $1/2 Kellogg's Cereals at www.snackpicks.com)
(3) Kellogg's Cinnabon Cereal (Use $1/1 coupons from www.kelloggs.com)

$23.00 before coupons
-$7.25 in coupons
$15.75 total at register
-$10.00 Kellogg's Rebate by mail
***$5.75 Grand total for TEN ITEMS!!!

A few things to keep in mind:
1.  This rebate has a space to list where you purchased your items, so I'm guessing it doesn't have to be Harmon's.
2.  Purchases must be dated between 7/26-8/8 and must all be on the SAME receipt.
3.  Rebate must be postmarked by 9/15.
4.  One rebate per household.
5.  Even though the rebate is good for many Kellogg's, Keebler and Sunshine products, pay attention to size requirements and remember that not all items are part of the Harmon's sale.  If you buy items that are not part of the sale, they may still qualify for the rebate, but you will spend more money.

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