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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Get Your Car Cleaned for FREE!

Is your car dirty?  Mine has been filthy for a few months, it seems!  We always have it on the list of things to do each weekend, but there's never enough time.  Well, if you are out and about anywhere near 10400 S. and Bangerter before August 1st, you'll be in luck!  There's a brand new car wash called Star Wash there that is holding an awesome grand opening special!  Right now, you can take your vehicle (or vehicles) as many times as you want before August 1st for a FREE WASH!  We went today, and it was great!  The facility is totally state-of-the-art!  The car wash is a drive-thru, but you put the car in neutral and are pulled through on a track.  It takes three minutes.  The wash and tire shine normally cost nearly $12.00, but you get it for free right now!  My minivan came out cleaner than it ever does at drive-thru places!  And one more thing--all their self-serve vacuums are also free for the grand opening!  So what are you waiting for?  Go get that car clean and spread the word!

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