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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Newspaper Subscriptions for 50% Less Than I Pay!!!

I've been waiting for two days to post this info to make sure I could speak with someone at the newspaper to verify all the details. So here goes--the best deal I've ever seen on the paper, and even half the price of what I pay! Right now, you can get the Salt Lake Tribune and/or the Deseret News (up to two copies each) for only $19.99 per paper for the whole year! I pay $39 per paper for the same deal, so this is really amazing! I haven't seen this advertised anywhere else yet, so you heard it first here! If you don't already get the paper, this is a great way to get many coupons for very cheap! Order two copies for two sets of coupon inserts, three for three and four for four (I get four).

A few details for you:

1. This offer is only available to new subscribers or those who haven't had a subscription within the past six months. Hint here: ask a neighbor if you can get the paper at their house if you want this deal but don't qualify. I'm seriously considering that option myself!

2. This is a pre-pay only offer. So you have to pay the full $19.99 per paper when you sign up.

3. This is for Friday-Sunday papers delivered to your home and Sunday-Saturday e-edition access online. An email must be provided for the e-edition access.

4. This promotion code must be given to secure the discounted price "52/201".

5. To order, just go to www.mediaoneutah.com or call 801-204-6100, and don't forget to tell them you found out on "So Simple to Save"!


  1. That is definately the best deal I have ever seen for papers...I have been buying my papers at Walmart for way too long you just convinced me to put an order in. How long before this deal is over?

  2. The lady at the paper was reluctant to give me a specific end date, but I'm guessing it won't last too long. I'd get them ordered quick. I'm thinking of adding two more through a neighbor because it is such a steal!